On May 27, 2020, Mayor Fischer and President James announced the creation of the Civilian Review Board Work Group to research, debate, and recommend the best structure for a Civilian Review Board that would add a new layer of an independent review to Louisville Metro Police Department policies and disciplinary matters.


The plantation has always occupied a central place in US iconography. In recent decades it has been described as a dead, yet still romanticized, aberration killed off by the inevitable march of human progress. Although the plantation tradition has been relegated to the dustbin of history by some social theorists, it continues to survive among those who celebrate its brutal legacy. It is also painfully alive among those still dominated by the economic and political dynasties of the South which preserved and reproduced themselves through diversification and through the numerous new mobilizations.” – Clyde Woods, Development Arrested: The Blues and Plantation Power in the Mississippi Delta

During their medal ceremony in the Olympic Stadium in Mexico City on October 16, 1968, two African-American athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, each raised a black-gloved fist during the playing of the US national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner". While on the podium, Smith, and Carlos, who had won gold and bronze medals respectively in the 200-meter running event of the 1968 Summer Olympics, turned to face the US flag and then kept their hands raised until the anthem had finished. In addition, Smith, Carlos, and Australian silver medalist Peter Norman all wore human rights badges on their jackets.


This Facebook group is for POC and our allies to dialogue, learn, and grow from one another. When great minds come together, we can change the world.

On this extra awesome World Health Organization-approved COVID-19 safe episode of The Created Life, I have the distinct pleasure of discussing a number of really important topics with the multitalented Theo Wilson of Denver, Colorado. We discuss race, gender, responsibility, identity, creativity, and more. This is a not-to-miss episode with a very eloquent and fascinating creator. Theo is founder of Shop Talk Live an impromptu forum for community conversations hosted in barbershops with the goal of overcoming a "trust deficit" in our communities.

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MPD150: working towards a police free Minneapolis
MPD150 is a participatory, horizontally-organized effort by local organizers, researchers, artists and activists. It is not the project of any organization. We stand on the shoulders of the work that many organizations have been doing for years and welcome the support of everyone who agrees with our approach. We hope that the process we are developing will help organizers in other cities to establish practical abolitionist strategies.

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